Ways To Grow Your Database: A Poem

When you are in need of new leads
And your database is growing slow
Try these few amazing deeds
To reach those who you want to know 

Talk to all, both friends and foe
Pass business cards from hand to hand
They say it’s all in who you know
So make friends across the land 

Try to send old fashioned mail
A postcard and a flyer or two
Or hang them all around the town
Let everyone know just what you do 

If you have kids to drive around
To practice or school meetings
That’s extra marketing time found
Slips business into greetings 

Online is also a great place 
A global conversation street 
Expand your current database 
With websites, blogs, and tweets 

Explore each and every avenue
To gain the most exposure
Every day begins a new
Chance to raise your quota 

A Condensed List of Ways to Grow Your Database 

  1. First and foremost, talk to the people that you know, use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. this is the most organic approach 
  2. Kids sporting events  
  3. Open houses 
  4. Charities/religious organizations 
  5. HOA 
  6. Value Estimate Sites 
  7. Open Houses 
  8. Financial Advisors 
  9. Mailings  
  10. Newsletters 
  11. Flyers