Investors form a very active part of the real estate market and Artesian Title is uniquely qualified and positioned to accommodate them. Our investment clientele generally fit into one of three categories:

Hedge Fund Investment

Large hedge funds often buy homes in large bulk purchases. We have lawyers and CPA’s on staff to be sure even the most complex structures get set up. Plus, we use six different underwriters to handle whatever problems may arise.

Foreclosure Auction Purchases

We provide free lien searches for all our clients. Our team has closed over 10,000 sales from sellers who bought their properties right on the courthouse steps.

Simultaneous Closings

Like most title companies, we deal with these often. The key is having the systems and personnel in place to prepare, complete and record one closing before moving on to the next one.

We regularly handle purchases from as large as 10,000 Homes to small packages of 5 to 10. Our clients choose us because we know how to work with the purchasers’ accountants and lawyers to set up the legal and tax structures properly. Most title companies don’t have the expertise to do this. Not only do we have in-house attorneys, we have Ernst and Young CPAs on staff that specialize in the complicated tax structures that can arise from large transactions. The last thing you want is to pay taxes on profit because your title company made a mistake.

We work with teams that do. We are not allowed to set up the structures for you. But, because we’ve worked with large hedge funds in the past, we know what has to be done with these purchases. We have at least 3 to 4 teams we can set our clients up with. We also specialize in dealing with foreign nationals and foreign investor groups.  

We have 5 offices throughout Florida and are set up to handle over 5000 transactions a month. We pride ourselves on offering a level of service—especially on hedge fund purchases—that is beyond the capabilities of most.

We purchased 1200 homes between 2011 and 2013 alone from Central Florida foreclosure auctions. So, we are not only familiar with the process, we also understand the risk. If you miss a lien you own it and there is no worse feeling that realizing you made that mistake. To eliminate that risk, we provide any client a free search on any property. We even search the properties that the bank has set too high a number on. When you hire us, we use our team of in-house attorneys and CPAs to clean up any liens that arise that no one caught. We also have extensive experience in assisting with things like Writ of Possessions and foreclosure defense. Contact us to sign up for our Auction program and one of our Concierge Staff will get back to you soon to answer any questions you may have.

Yes we do.  Most title companies don’t know how to do this properly. But our team has been doing this for years. We love investors and provide all the tools they need to succeed legally without breaking the law.  Same-day closings is one of the things we love to do.

We make funds available to you the very same day as long as it’s a weekday. We will wire funds or send a check, whatever is easiest for you. 

White glove treatment is our thing. We will send one of our closers to you anytime, anywhere for free. Tuesday at midnight in a local church, done. Saturday morning at the airport, done. We don’t want you to have to leave what you’re doing to close. Keep in mind that we send an actual closer that can explain every page of every document. Usually it’s just a few pages you’re signing. But even if it’s more, we send someone that can actually explain every single page. 

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