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We Know Investors.

Artesian Title was started by an investor so we’re uniquely qualified and positioned to accommodate them. We have attorneys and CPAs on staff, to give you the convenience you need. And the REAL REBATE® can even save you up to 20% of your closing costs.

Investors form a very active part of the Real Estate Market, and Artesian Title is uniquely qualified and positioned to accommodate them. Our investor clients generally fit into one of three categories:

  • Hedge Fund Investment

    Large hedge funds usually buy homes in large, bulk purchases. We have lawyers and CPAs on staff to be sure even the most complex structures get set up. Plus, we use five different underwriters to handle whatever problems may arise.

  • Foreclosure Auction Purchases

    We provide free lien searches for all our clients. Our team has closed over 5,000 transactions from sellers who bought their properties right on the courthouse steps.

  • Simultaneous Closings

    Like most title companies, we deal with double closings often. The key is having the systems and people in place to prepare, complete, and record one closing before moving on to the next one, and communicating well with the other closing team.

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Do you work with Wholesalers?
We do and are proud of the fact that we’ve helped and processed many of these transactions. Many of our clients who are wholesaling usually attend national or local courses teaching people how to do this. As an FYI, our team of attorneys make sure all of us follow the law and are protected. Please make sure you talk to us on the phone before you do your first one. We want to make sure you are using the correct contract and that you’ve protected yourself from litigation. These are the things that the courses usually don’t teach.
When the Buyer of a home is flipping it the same day, does the State of Florida require the Buyer to bring all the purchase funds still?
The State of Florida does require that the Buyer, when flipping a home the same day, still fund ALL proceeds for the purchase. Some states like California don’t require this. Florida 100% does and anyone telling you anything different doesn’t know or understand Florida law. Regardless, we are more than happy to help you with this and all transactions.
Do you have experience with large bulk purchases and why should I care which title company handles my title work and closing?
We regularly handle purchases from as large as 10,000 homes to small packages of 5-10. Our clients choose us because we know how to work with the purchasers’ accountants and attorneys to set up the legal and tax structures correctly. Most Title Companies don’t have the expertise to do this. Not only do we have in-house attorneys, we also have a former Ernst and Young CPA on staff that specializes in the complicated tax structures that can arise from large transactions. The last thing you want is to pay taxes on profit because your title company made a mistake.
Does your team setup legal structures and tax structures for us?
We work with teams that do. We’re not allowed to set up the structures for you, but because we’ve worked with large hedge funds in the past, we know what has to be done with these purchases. Prithi Daswani, CPA is actually our internal on-site CPA team. She worked for Ernst & Young for 12 years and specializes in this kind of practice.
Do you work with Foreign Nationals and Foreign Investor Groups?
We specialize in this. Not only do we have team members that speak Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Mandarin fluently, but we can also get help for all other languages. Our attorneys work closely to make sure all steps are taken to make it convenient for you when you have to sign all legal documents.
I and/or my group buys homes from the Foreclosure Auctions. Why should we use you?
We purchased 1,200 homes between 2011 and 2013 alone from Central Florida foreclosure auctions. We are not only familiar with the process; we also understand the risk. If you miss a lien, you own it, and there is no worse feeling that realizing you made that mistake. To eliminate that risk, we provide any client a free search on any property. We even search the properties that the bank has set too high a number on. When you hire us, we work with teams of attorneys and CPAs to clean up any liens that arise that haven’t been caught. We also have extensive experience in assisting with things like Writ of Possessions.
Do you negotiate HOA liens?
This is a big request from our Foreclosure clients. As we mentioned before, we know all about this because we’ve been there. We have a partnership with a law firm that negotiates these on behalf of our clients. The fee they charge for this is paid at closing.
Do you handle simultaneous closings?
Yes, we do.  Most Title Companies don’t know how to do this properly, but our team has been doing this for years. We love Investors and provide all the tools they need to succeed legally without breaking the law. Same-day closings are one of the things we love to do.
How quickly can you make our funds available to us?
We make funds available to you the very same day, as long as it’s a weekday, and as long as we have the funds from the Lender. We will wire funds or send a check, whatever is easiest for you. Just remember, we are at the mercy of the Buyer’s Lender. Once they fund the deal, we get the money over to you immediately.
I don’t have the time to come to the closing, how can you make it easy for me to close?
White glove treatment is our thing. We will send one of our Closers to you anytime, anywhere, for free. Tuesday at midnight in a local church – done. Saturday morning at the airport – done. We don’t want you to have to leave what you’re doing to close. Keep in mind that we send an actual Closer that can explain every page of every document. Usually, it’s just a few pages you’re signing. But even if it’s more, we send someone that can actually explain every single page. 
Wire fraud seems to be the new big crime in Real estate. What do you do to prevent my funds from being stolen?
We take this VERY seriously, and here is what we do to protect you: 

  1. All of our emails are sent using ZIX’s secure email pathway.  It’s a product that protects us from viruses.
  2. We use the latest Zero Day Virus Firewall Technology to protect our office software from being hacked.
  3. We are proud to be the ONLY Title Company in Central Florida (A handful use it in South Florida) that uses a product called Safe ESCROW. They have a proprietary patent- pending computer program that verifies all wires are going to the correct party before they are sent. They also manage all aspects of our Escrow account, further preventing any other type of fraud (employee or other). We can’t send any wires out until the recipient has been legally verified.
  4. We require the Seller to answer a phone call confirming their wire instructions before we send funds, as well as the Seller signs an affidavit at closing with the wiring instructions on it, verifying their accuracy. If they instructions change, WE DON’T WIRE THE MONEY until a new document is signed and notarized. We know it’s a pain, but we would rather do all of this to protect your money than have you be a victim.
  5. For Buyers sending us money, we send you our wiring instructions securely, and purposely leave out some information so you have to call our office at our main number to get the missing information.

What makes us better?

Real Rebate®

Artesian Title doesn't have to share profits with referral services, so we pass savings to our clients with up to a 20% rebate from their closing costs. Cool huh?

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We’ve helped over 30,000 Families Buy and Sell Homes, alongside our trusted partners.

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