So What Exactly Is Our REAL REBATE™ Discount?

Traditionally, to reach customers, businesses have had to network for referrals – and networking comes at a price.

Today however, the Internet gives us the ability to cut out the middleman and go directly to our customers. We save significantly by using that technology and are able to pass that savings on to our customers. We call the program Real Rebate™ – customers who use the Internet to order their settlement services with us receive a real, instant credit off their title insurance.

Real Rebate™ reflects Artesian Title’s strength as an independent title company.

Because we do not have to share our profits with referral services through affiliated businesses or marketing service arrangements, we can save our clients up to 20% off the cost of their title services.

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Rebate Program Details

Artesian can significantly reduce the closing costs of homebuyers through our Real Rebate™ program. This credit is awarded to homebuyers who simply choose Artesian Title as their settlement agent and order our services online.

To receive the Real Rebate™ discount:

  • – The property in question must be located within the state of Florida.
  • – A homebuyer will receive the benefit of the credit (or a portion); subject to their lender’s underwriting requirements. In unique instances, the homebuyer’s mortgage lender may prevent the homebuyer from accepting the complete amount of the Real Rebate™.
  • – A homebuyer may be able to receive both a reissue rate discount and the
    Real Rebate™.
  • – A homebuyer who chooses not to purchase owner’s title insurance coverage, but completes the above conditions, may still receive the Real Rebate™. The Real Rebate™ is not contingent upon the homebuyer buying owner’s title insurance coverage.

Artesian Title reserves the right, at its discretion, to adjust the herein stated terms and conditions, as well as any credit amounts.

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