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One of our Concierce Closers will come to you and explain every document you sign, so you always know how you stand. With our REAL REBATE® we give you up to 20% of your title policy premium at closing.

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    We will come to you to close anywhere & anytime! One of our Concierge Closers will explain every document you sign. This service is complimentary. If you prefer to close at one of our offices, we have many to choose from throughout Florida.

  • Reliability

    We have a team of attorneys that work on each purchase and sale. (Most Title Companies only have title agents, and most law firms have paralegals do the work). Combined, our team has closed 30,000+ properties.

  • Real Rebate and Price Match Guarantee

    We are the only Title Company to offer you the Real Rebate® – a rebate of up to 20% of your title policy premium given to you at closing. We also provide our Price Match Guarantee and will match or beat any other title company’s combined fee for Owner’s Title Insurance policy premium and closing/settlement fee.

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First of all, who picks the Title Company in FL, the Buyer or the Seller?

When it comes to Real Estate transactions, EVERYTHING is negotiable. That said, it all comes down to the county you’re purchasing your home in. Traditionally in Broward, Miami-Dade, Sarasota, and Collier counties the Buyer picks the Title Company and pays for the Florida Owner’s Title Insurance Policy. In every other county, traditionally, the Seller picks the Title Company and pays for the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy.

Who pays and chooses the Title Company when I’m buying a brand new home from a Builder or Developer?

The buyer traditionally gets to pick and pay. What many builders do is tie an incentive, meaning they will give you some $$ back, if you use their Lender. This incentive is not usually tied to also using their Title Company. If they say it is, we have found that they will not typically require it if you challenge it. A Builder’s Title Company will almost always charge you more than you would pay if you didn’t use them. We actually guarantee our fees are better than their fees. Just remember to Google us also, our 100+ 5-star reviews on Google are the real reason you should hire us!

Why should I care about picking the Title Company? I have a million things to prepare for so why spend time on this?

Simply put, about 70% of your title closing costs relate to the Title Company, and it’s YOUR RIGHT to choose it. Once you pick it, you’re done. Taking a few minutes in the beginning to Google reviews of the Title Company, and see what they charge and how well they do what they do, can save you from experiencing a lot of issues down the road.

What does a Title Company do?

We get this question often, so we will try to keep it simple. First things first, understand who we are. The Title Company is the neutral party that exists to execute the terms of a Real Estate contract. It’s as simple as that. The following is a summary of what we do:

  • Validate that the Seller actually has the right to sell the property and isn’t a crazy person or company claiming they own something when they actually do not
  • Make sure the contract was executed properly
  • Perform a search of the property’s history and validate all liens and remove all invalid liens from the title history
    Prepare all the documents for closing
  • As we prepare for closing, we collect all data on liens, all HOA estoppels, and all utility and city fines that could be levied on the property
  • All parties involved sign and execute all legal documents
  • The Buyer and / or their Lender will send us the funds for the purchase, and we will distribute all funds and pay off all existing debts on the property
  • Record the transaction in the county within which it occurred and officially transfer ownership
  • Issue a Title Insurance policy to guarantee no other debts on the property exist
Is a Title Company the same thing as an Escrow Company or an Attorney?

So the simple answer is YES to both these, we perform the same duties. A Title company in Florida performs all aspects of a Real Estate closing from beginning to end. In some states, like California, an Escrow Company AND a Title Company are used. In Florida, the Title Company handles both functions. We hold escrow, prepare all documents for closing, facilitate closing, disperse money, issue a Title Insurance policy, and record the transfer in the local county records.

Keep in mind, the work at Artesian Title is performed by a large team that includes a team of attorneys that actually work on every single property file. At most law firms, the paralegal does the work and the attorney just reviews it. This is not the case with us!

Are all Title fees set and determined by the State of Florida?

The State of Florida sets the Title Insurance Policy fees. Artesian Title is the only Title Company in Florida that offers the Real Rebate, which is an actual Rebate on the Title Policy.

The rest of the fees involved in a transaction are set by the County, and also basic third-party companies that most Title Companies use and are the same for everyone.

What does vary by Title Company is the Settlement fee. This is a fee a Title Company charges to perform what they are doing in the transaction. This varies by the County you’re in and if the transaction involves a loan or is a cash deal. It simply comes down to how much work the Title Company will be doing.

Why is my Realtor or Lender recommending a Title company? Do I trust them?
It’s because they have a relationship with them. What you need to figure out is if the Title Company is doing them any favors on the side, which unfortunately is the case many times. We tell everyone to Google the Title Company and compare reviews. Artesian Title is the highest- rated Title Company in Central Florida for a reason. Even if you don’t use us, just make sure you research who you are using. Remember, about 70% of all closing costs are title related and YOU GET TO PICK. It’s your right to pick. Just like you may have picked your Realtor, you get to pick your Title Company.
What is Title Insurance and do I need it?

Buying Real Estate is usually the biggest financial purchase we make in our lives, and doing it without Title Insurance makes no sense – if you ask us. Title Insurance usually costs as little as one half of one percent (.005%) of your purchase price. Exposing yourself to possible title challenges and losses, and days spent in litigation and potentially losing your property make no sense when you can limit your liability.

We have all played Monopoly™.  As a kid, I would thimble around the board, pass GO and collect $200, and buy all the properties I landed on.  In return, I would get a little card showing those properties I now owned.  That card showing property ownership is called the Title or Deed. So what if later on I found out that the person sold me the property from didn’t actually own it? Or what if the property had unpaid utilities, judgments, liens, mortgages, etc… It’s only because of title insurance that Buyers are able to have peace of mind knowing they are protected against title claims and losses for the most expensive purchase they are about to make.

What is Owner’s Title Insurance and what is a Lender’s Title Policy?

The Owner’s Title Insurance Policy covers the Buyer both financially and legally. It insures they won’t be liable for any title flaw that may arise from the property’s history before it was purchased. The Owner’s Title Insurance Policy stays in effect as long as you, or your heirs, own the property covered under the policy.

Next is the Lender’s Title Insurance Policy. Your Lender/Bank is about to lend you a boatload of money so that you can buy the property.  Before they do, they want to make sure whoever sells you the property actually owns it, that there aren’t any claims, outstanding judgments, liens, or other title defects that could cause the property to be taken away. Part of agreeing to give you the loan requires that the Lender protect themselves with a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy.

If I’m buying a new home from a Builder, does it make any sense to get an Owner’s Title Policy since the ownership history is limited?

This one is up to you. When you buy an Owner’s Title Policy at the same time as a Lender’s Title Policy, it’s called a simultaneous issue. The Lender’s Policy is reduced to $425, and this is in addition to the Owner’s Policy. When you buy the Lender’s Policy only, there is no discount and it is often times the same cost as an Owner’s Policy. For an extra $425 it just seems to makes sense to most people buy both.

The reason people even think of not getting it is because no one owned the property before the Builder and they reason, what could happen if no one has ever been on the property before? Bottom line is something could show up, although probably less likely, from the past transaction involving the land and the Builder. For such a low cost comparatively, it makes sense to just buy both.

Where I’m from we usually use an Attorney to close, so why shouldn’t I use one here?

In States where an Attorney is required to close, the work is usually divided between an attorney and a Title Company. In Florida, you can use either an Attorney or a Title Company, and the one group you choose does all the work. From closing to Title Insurance, it’s all done in one place.

At most law firms, the paralegals do the work and the attorneys review it. At Artesian Title, our attorneys actually work on every single property and review the work. A vast majority of residential closings are done at a Title Company in Florida because attorneys still do the work without charging additional attorney fees.

What’s the biggest difference between using a Title Company or a Law Firm?
An actual attorney does the work at Artesian Title. At most law firms, the work is done by paralegals and only reviewed by an attorney. Many law firms charge an additional set of fees that they can mask as “legal work”, and these fees are usually not even mentioned until the day of the closing when there aren’t many options left to dispute them.
Where does the closing actually take place?
For privacy reasons, Buyers and Sellers don’t actually sit in the same room and sign paperwork together. If this is something you want, then we will accommodate it, but we find people don’t want others knowing what they are making on the sale of their home.  Regardless, your options are:

  1. Close at one of Artesian Title’s offices. We have offices all across Florida where you can come in and one of our Concierge Closers will go over everything with you and answer any questions.
  2. We will send a Concierge Closer to you, anywhere anytime for free.
  3. Use your phone or tablet to close from anywhere, anytime—Video Closings are coming soon for certain types of transactions
Can I close from my phone or tablet device? Is it legal in Florida?

This became law on July 1, 2019 and will be implemented on January 1, 2020. What this means is you can digitally sign, the State Deed can be Digital, and more importantly, everything can be notarized remotely using video to verify it’s you. As technology evolves, so does the process of signing closing documents and buying and selling property!

Do I have to be present in Florida to buy my property?
No, you do not. You have two options:

  1. We can have a Concierge Closer meet you anywhere in the United States to have you sign and notarize your documents. If you’re outside the USA, you will have to go to a USA embassy or use a notary in that country.
  2. Video closing—Use your phone or tablet to digitally sign and have one of our Concierge Closers notarize the documents (coming soon for certain transactions).
What fees can I expect to pay for as a Buyer in Florida?

See the Who Pays for What page for a detailed breakdown

How long does it take to close on a home if I’m getting a loan?
This is depends on your Lender and the type of loan you are getting. It typically takes between 20 to 40 days. A few things to know:

  1. Conventional loans typically close the quickest.
  2. FHA and VA loans require extra steps, and the VA requires you actually get a certificate to verify you qualify for it.
  3. Different loans and different banks have different ways of ordering appraisals and that can delay things drastically.
  4. If applicable, HOA (Home Owner’s Association) needs to get us a payoff, the estoppel, and in some cases they need to approve all new Buyers.
How long does it take to close on my property if I’m paying cash?

This all depends on if the property has an HOA and if the search results come back clean. We have to get an HOA Estoppel that shows all debts owed from the current seller, and this can take up to 20 days to get. We can pay a fee in some situations and order a rush, but even that can take up to 10 days.

Most properties come back reporting liens that don’t exist, and we have to fix them. This can take up to 20 days to do. We usually do all these things at the same time.

With all that said, with no HOA and no search issues, we can close in about 5 business days. If there are issues or an HOA, anticipate about 20 business days.

What is an HOA Estoppel?
It’s a statement that shows us what the current Seller owes in monthly HOA payments as well as any buyer fees and requirements for purchasing in the community or building.
How do I read a Closing Statement?
Why do some Title Companies quote a low rate but throw in junk fees at the closing? What are those junk fees?
Simply put, it’s to get your business. You don’t want to fight this fee battle at the end of your closing, as you’re at the table signing. Junk fees could be listed as messenger/courier fees, email fees, document preparation fees, or several other miscellaneous charges. Look at the reviews of all Title Companies before you pick one in the beginning. Artesian Title is the highest-rated Title Company in Florida for a reason. We are okay if you don’t use us, but make sure you Google who you are using!
How should my Title as Owner appear on the Deed?
There are options and your choice can have far-reaching consequences. It may even control where you want your property to go after you die. Here are the basic types:

Sole ownership – title is held in one person’s name, so no one else is shown as sharing an ownership interest except for that named titleholder.

Tenants by the Entireties – For currently married spouses, the property can be put in both of the names and held as tenants by the entireties.  This is one of Florida’s best forms of asset protection from outside creditors. They can’t go after the property to satisfy the debt of one debtor spouse.

Joint Tenancy With Rights Of Survivorship – You hold title with someone else equally (for example ½, ½  for 2 people, 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 for 3 people etc…) and when one person dies the entire interest passes to the remaining surviving joint tenant(s). This happens instead of passing to the heirs of the one who died.  However, if a co-owner conveys their interest to a third party, the property loses its survivorship status to that portion and defaults to tenancy in common.

Tenancy In Common – Several parties can own the property in whatever different percentages or splits they want.  Any party can sell their interest to anyone without giving notice to the others. Upon the death of one of the people on the title, their interest goes to their own estate to be distributed according to their will or to their heirs through probate.

I’m a Foreign National; do you recommend buying property in the name of an entity?
First things first, contact a certified public accountant (CPA). We would recommend putting it in the name of an entity to avoid any tax issues down the road, but that’s our perspective and everyone has a different tax situation.
If I’m transferring a property from a personal name to a business name after the sale, will it affect anything?
Yes it will. The Owner’s Title Policy will be come NULL and VOID if you change ownership into a different name. We recommend using the name of the business at the time the transaction begins, and at closing originally. If you do change ownership after the closing, you would want to buy another Owner’s Title Insurance policy.
If I quitclaim this purchase to someone else does my Title Insurance Policy still stay in affect?
No, it does not. If the name on the deed changes, the Title Insurance Policy becomes null and void. Your option is to buy a new policy, or not to change the name. We cannot tell you how many times a year we see this happen and actually cost the current owner money. An unforeseen, unpredictable lien can appear and the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy will no longer cover it if the name has been changed.
Why is my Realtor or Lender insisting I use their recommended Title Company?
This is probably because they have a relationship with them. We suggest you verify the Title Company and see what their reviews are like. Remember, zero reviews aren’t a good sign. Artesian Title has 100+ 5-star Google reviews because we’ve earned it!
Can you help me with writing up my purchase contract?
We actually cannot assist in contract writing or advice. We are here to be the neutral third party in a real estate transaction.
Where in the process do I involve you?

We get involved when both the Buyer and Seller have a signed Real Estate Contract. First things first, insist on Artesian Title being the Title Company that holds escrow and then inform everyone we will be handling all aspects of the closing. You do not want the escrow deposit held elsewhere with a company that may not be neutral and may favor the other party in the transaction.

Wire Fraud is a big deal, so what are you doing to prevent it from affecting your clients?
Wire fraud is the biggest scam in the Real Estate industry, and increasingly more over the last 5 years. Basically, there are a lot of parties involved in a Real Estate Transaction, and this leads to a lot of opportunity for fraud.

Artesian Title encrypts all emails and makes sure our firewall servers are very secure. The problem is that many Realtors and Lenders involved in a transaction don’t take the same precautions. Their emails are easily hacked and then an email is sent to you from who you think you can trust, telling you to wire your funds to the attached bank. These are the funds you are required to send, so you trust the sender and wire the money. When it turns out to be a fraudulent email, your money has now been stolen.

Our Fraud Prevention Program works as long as our Buyers and Sellers are aware that they should never EVER send money to anyone but Artesian Title, and furthermore are required to call us at to verify the banking information we securely sent you. Only call this phone number.

What is this Real Rebate that rebates us up to 20% of closing costs?
Basically, we give up to 20% of our profit on the Title Policy back to our clients. Many Title Companies and law firms participate in Realtor’s marketing budget$ to get their business.

Instead, we decide to give back some of our profit to our clients directly. It’s simple as that.

Why is a survey ordered?
Surveys are ordered to make sure that the ownership of the property can be verified in terms of the actual land. Most issues that arise in a property purchases happen because someone didn’t order a survey. Every lender requires one, and on cash deals, we very highly recommend you get one. If you opt not to, we will have you sign a legal document saying you can never hold us liable. We very highly recommend that you spend (on average) $250-$300 to make sure your real estate purchase is what you think it is.
Do I need to order a survey even if I’m paying cash?
Yes, order a survey even if it’s a cash transaction. We recommend not taking the risk. The cost is $250 to $300 for a normal single family home and it’s worth every penny.

What makes us better?

Real Rebate®

Artesian Title doesn't have to share profits with referral services, so we pass savings to our clients with up to a 20% rebate from their closing costs. Cool huh?

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