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As a bank or Florida lender, you not only want to know that your investment is protected, but also that you’re dealing with a title insurance company for lenders and banks whose title and escrow will process quickly. As an Alta Best Practices company, certified by a third party, Artesian Title has maintained a reputation for high-quality service built on years of experience and attention to detail.

Our 24/7 customer service is designed to meet your ever-changing needs, whatever you wherever need to finish the deal, we’ll be there. Each and every file is processed by our licensed attorneys, we keep you updated on your case once a week during Peace of Mind Fridays, and when everything’s closed and completed we offer immediate same-day funding.

The Process

At the beginning of service, Artesian Title offers an instant online rate quote matched to Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures, so you can quickly review closing costs and create the GFE. Speaking of HUD—we turn around all HUD Closing Disclosures within 30 minutes. You can even create your own HUD on our website, or let us do it for you. We are compliant with GFE guidelines and follow all RESPA rules and regulations.

Artesian Title prides itself in being a Florida title insurance company for lenders and banks. We can handle any loan and even assist with loans such as HUD, VA, FHA, conventional insured, conventional un-insured, private or ‘hard’ money. Our Concierge Closers are specifically trained to handle a wide range of closings, like construction/home builders, reverse mortgages, 1031 exchanges, new purchases, short sales, trust sales, probate, bulk sales, and simultaneous closings. Artesian can create loan documentation for private lenders, and even help you grow your business by introducing you to Realtors. We’ve worked hard to become the highest-rated insurance company in the state of Florida. We’ve worked even harder for all the positive reviews we receive from first-time and returning customers.

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To close even faster? There’s an app for that! Simply download the Artesian Agent App, an award-winning free mobile app that quickly calculates your closing disclosure report, and answers the timeless question of how much money is needed to close.
The Artesian Agent App was designed by real estate closing experts to provide real time updates on real estate deals without having to call in, or visit our website. Just enter a purchase price, enter a down payment, and let the Artesian Agent App take it from there. Results can then be emailed, saved and shared with agents, lenders, homebuyers and sellers. All the Artesian Agent App reports are customizable—make line edits and see immediately how they affect your bottom line.

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