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Closing with a Concierge Touch

Title companies tend to be the last thing a potential new homebuyer—or even Realtor—thinks about in all the excitement of buying and selling a new home. We are often a last minute addition to the closing—a necessary legal checkmark on a long list of boxes. Why? Because until now, title companies have been somewhat of a commodity product, with no real compelling reason to choose one company over another. Artesian Title has at least three real reasons that make a compelling case for choosing us: Concierge Service, Florida Legal Specialists, and an upto 20% Rebate.

Better Business and ALTA Certified


Concierge Title™ Service makes a real difference.

Artesian Title provides closings with a concierge touch. Our mobile, licensed “Concierge Closers™” are yours when and where you need them. They come to you when you call. They work to your timetable. They communicate in ways you prefer—They’re ready to answer all your questions and provide every document at a moment’s notice Add that to our weekly email—Peace of Mind Fridays™—that provides a progress update on the status of your title case and the real differences with Artesian are truly significant.

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Florida Legal Specialists offer a real advantage.

Florida is our home. We’re from here. We hire people here. We know the areas, the properties, the various real estate laws that make Florida a special place to live and buy a home in. We have a vested interest in improving the “state of real estate” in Florida and we are excited to be able to play a role doing just that. We serve home buyers and sellers throughout the sate and have offices Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami.

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20% Savings

Our Up to 20% Real Rebate saving’s is real money.

Building up a business network to refer potential clients costs money. Marketing arrangements that share reciprocal agreements cost money. People cost money. The Internet, however, saves us money—every time a customer clicks our Artesian link to get a title quote. Every time we take an online order for title, we bypass the traditional costs of the transaction—bad news for the middlemen. Great news for our clients who get up to a 20% Rebate on their title insurance right off the top!

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You’re Not Alone

See why others chose Artesian as their title company and what they have to say about us.

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We Do It All For You

  • – Instant Online Rate Quotes
  • – Persistent communication from a real person including our Peace of Mind Fridays
  • – Concierge Closing™ Services at no additional cost
  • – Title research & commitments delivered to you within the first 24 hours of receipt
  • – Range of closings: purchases, new construction, reverse mortgages, 1031 exchanges, short sales, trust sales, probate, bulk sales, simultaneous closings, FIRPTA
  • – Lender Protections to safeguard both your money and your reputation
  • – Lender Refinance Servicing to help you handle more applications and loans with ease
  • – Expertise with any loan type: HUD, VA, FHA, conventional insured, conventional un-insured, private or ‘hard’ money
  • – Loan document creation for private lenders
  • – Alta Best Practices 3rd Party Certified
  • – Immediately available funds the day of closing, or sent next day via Fedex if necessary

All so you can experience a true worry-free closing.

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Peace of Mind Fridays™

Every Friday we send an email of file updates to every party involved in the transaction so everyone’s on the same page and is aware of the calendar. We call these “Peace of Mind Fridays™.” That level of transparency and communication truly sets Artesian apart from our competition and proves that we’re doing everything in our power to get the job done fast, right, and in everyone’s best interest.

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