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Our National Speaker this month come’s from Asheville, Tennessee by way of the UK, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Miami Beach. Having practiced Real Estate for over 15 years, she is proud to have sold over 2000 homes and consistently ranked the top agent in her market over the last decade.

Thursday March 5th 2020
930am to 1130 am
Venue Location – Downtown Orlando
Aloft Hotel
500 S Orange Ave,
Orlando, FL 32801

407-876-3004 (Ask for Gabriela)



Rowena Patton

Along with selling homes, Rowena is a Business Coach, who has been a passionate advocate for Unique Value Proposition across many different industries for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t understand how ‘it’s always been done this way’ fits into a leadership mindset, or gets things done in an efficient, cost-effective – or fun way. She began her career in the 90s with start-up businesses, and brought that learning into top 50 Fortune businesses, working directly with boards, helping CEOs rethink their business, bringing start-up mentality and growth back into their business DNA.

When Ro is not coaching, writing, working with clients, or generally obsessing over work, she is tending to her mini dachshund Sophie, leaving her in tender care when she travels. She loves to cook, and general foodie experiences. She focuses on being the best friend, partner, supporter, and cheerleader that her friends and family deserve.

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