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4 out of 10 homes are sold without anyone seeing them in person. With our Clear to Close™ program, reach buyers with compelling media and a personalized property webpage. Close up to 10-13 days sooner and have the peace of mind knowing you are clear to close.


What’s included?

  • Complete Media Package
    ($600 – $800 value)

  • Matterport 3D Scan & Showcase Tour (auto upload to Realtor.com)

  • Drone Aerial Photography
  • Up to 50 High-Resolution Photos
  • Personalized Property Website with Showcase Tour
  • 48-hour Media Package turnaround

What’s it cost

$95 or $195

Depending on options (see below), paid at closing*, no cancellation fee

The Artesian difference

Sell faster with technology

40% of all real estate in Florida is purchased by people that never physically see the house. Your only showing for these buyers will be on a computer. With our Clear to Close™ program, you won’t miss out on that 40% and it will entice the other 60% even more to see it in person, using Matterport 3-D floorplans, custom online tours, drone photography and a dedicated webpage home showcase.

Shorten your closing time

With our Clear to Close™ program, you’re able to close up to 13 days sooner than a typical sale. We run a Title and Lien search in advance to clear any issues. All pre-closing documents are readied and your title is pre-cleared. A buyer will choose your property just for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are clear to close.

Clear to Close Basic

I want to close quicker
$95 one time
  • Advance title & lien search
  • Preliminary Title Commitment
  • Loan Payoffs in Place
  • Lien release process in place
  • Drone Aerial Photography
  • Up to 50 High-Resolution Pictures
  • Personalized Property Website with Showcase tour
  • 48 hour Media Package Turnaround

Clear to Close Pro

Make your property shine
$195 one time
Everything from the basic package plus…
  • Matterport 3D Scan & Showcase Tour
  • Auto upload to Realtor.com

How we help you close faster.​

Buyers and Sellers who choose to participate in Clear to Close™ close up to 10-13 days sooner than traditional closings because we’ve thought of every conceivable way to shorten the closing process.

Professional Support Team

Our entire closing team of professionals and legal advisors is fully engaged from the day you list to the day you close to ensure the smoothest closing possible.

Preliminary Title

We create a Preliminary Title Commitment in advance so that ‘clear title’ requirements are understood before sale agreements are negotiated.

Anticipate Everything

From Signatory requirements, multiple sellers and divorce to getting loan payoffs and lien releases in place, we anticipate
and prepare for every scenario so you can close efficiently.

Gain the Edge

Buyers prefer a home that’s ready to close, giving you the advantage over other properties in the market.

Marketing Support

We provide Social Media and Marketing assistance to help you and your Realtor get offers on the table as soon as possible.

Protection Against Fraud

Our legal professionals give Buyers and Sellers the added benefit of IT and financial protections against potential fraud.


How can you provide this service?
We have an in-house videographer and photographer and media department. Because of the volume we do, we are able to pass that value on to our Sellers. Combine that with our team of attorneys and title experts, and we are able to get our clients’ homes ready to close before they even have an offer.
What’s the catch?
None – we want to provide our clients with the ability to sell the home in the quickest manner possible and then close on the sale of their home in the quickest manner possible.
What if we never sell the house?
Then you don’t pay for our services.
Is this agreement with the Seller or the Realtor?
This agreement is done directly with the Seller.
Is this legal?
This program is 100% legal. It’s a program offered directly with the sellers and has been vetted and approved to meet all RESPA and State inducement guidelines.
What’s included in this media package?
  1. Matterport 3D Scan & Showcase Tour (auto upload to Realtor.com)
  2. Drone Aerial Photography
  3. Internal Photography
  4. Personalized Property Website with Showcase Tour
Do you use Professional Photographers and Videographers?
We do we have an internal team of Professional Videographers and Photographers. All of our drone operators are FAA licensed.
Why does it help me to get a title and lien search done before our home hits the market?
Many homes have issues that aren’t real issues, but they come up in a title and lien search and still need to be cleared. They’re issues you may never even know exist, because the title company does its job and clears them. Things like mortgages that were not ever declared paid by previous title companies, and situations where parties are no longer are alive are WAY more common than you realize. Not a big deal for us, because we are used to fixing this kind of thing. It takes time to figure out and answer, so the sooner we start the better!

What makes us better?

Real Rebate®

Artesian Title doesn't have to share profits with referral services, so we pass savings to our clients with up to a 20% rebate from their closing costs. Cool huh?

Trusted. Experienced. Reliable.

We’ve helped over 30,000 Families Buy and Sell Homes, alongside our trusted partners.

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