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Choosing Florida Title Insurance For Home Sellers Just Got Easier.

Choices in Florida Title Insurance for Home Sellers

You chose your Realtor, your lender, and even your insurance agent. Do you know you can choose your Florida title company for home buyers as well? It can save you some significant money – and a few headaches if you do.

You should know that in every Florida County except Sarasota, Collier, Miami-Dade, and Broward, the seller picks and pays for their title costs. This is especially important because a title company represents roughly 70% of your final closing costs. Shopping for the right title company can save you hundreds of dollars and protect you from paying another company’s higher fees.

20% Savings

The Florida title insurance savings are real.

Simply order our Florida home buyers settlement services online and get up to a 20% rebate off the cost of your FLORIDA title insurance for home buyers with our Real Rebate Program.

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Florida Title Insurance for Home Sellers

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Florida Title Insurance for Home Sellers

Finally an easy decision for home buyers when choosing Florida title insurance for home sellers.
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Florida Title Insurance for Home Sellers

Artesian At Your Service

Now that your property is under contract, it’s time to make sure your transaction’s secure and remains on schedule – that’s where Artesian’s concierge title services come in. Offering residential and commercial selling, as well as last minute short sale approvals with a 100% success rate, our locally hired and knowledgeable staff is ready to work at your convenience.

Diligent Concierge Closers handle every facet of the complex title and escrow process. They will walk you through it and stay in constant communication so you’re always informed and in control. To make things ultra convenient, they’ll come to you anywhere in the state of Florida, any day of the week, any week of the year when it’s time to close. That’s how they’ve earned their title, and how we plan to ensure yours.

Welcome to our concierge approach to closing.

What Home Sellers Should Know about Florida Title Insurance

Closing Costs

Part of closing with a concierge touch means not being surprised by costs. Once your property is under contract, you will get a complete analysis of all closing costs, included in your seller’s net sheet.

Power of Attorney

If utilizing your Power of Attorney (POA), contact our office with any questions. Be aware that Fannie Mae has issued a new restriction on the use of POA. The POA is not authorized for use when a title is held in the name of an Estate or Trust.

Type of Ownership

From estates to trusts to LLCs, it’s important to know what type of ownership your property falls under. For some property types, it is mandatory the documents listed in “Things To Remember” (below) be sent to our office within a minimum of 5 days before the desired closing date.

Know your type of ownership & your paperwork needs.


  • – Copy of Last Will & Testament of decedent (if any)
  • – Copy of Letters of Administration and Death Certificate
  • – Name, address and phone number of Attorney for Estate (if any)
  • – Proof of Death by providing a death certificate of any co-owner whose interest is transferred immediately to you upon their death


  • – Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • – Copy of Corporate Resolution (authorizing signatory)
  • – Copy of Certificate of Good Standing (current up to 6 months)


  • – Copy of Articles of Organization
  • – Copy of Operating Agreement
  • – Copy of Company Resolution (authorizing signatory)


  • – Copy of Trust Agreement and any addenda (if unable to fax all files, please contact us)


  • – Give the contact information of your Exchange Agent/Qualified Intermediary so 1031 exchange documents can be coordinated and all proceeds transfer faster.

You’re almost there.

Things to remember for the day of Settlement

On settlement day, please remember to contact all utility companies and make sure they’re aware of the settlement date. Be sure to bring all keys to the property to the closing appointment, and that all parties named on the title are present at closing and provide government-issued photo identification. If unable to attend the closing, please contact us in advance to arrange signing the settlement documents at a separate time.

If you can find and provide your owner’s title insurance policy and/or location survey, please fax a copy to our office. If you have any questions about our Florida title insurance for home sellers, or these requirements and tips, please feel free to contact us.

Settlement Cycle

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