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As our partner, we’ll give you the communication, reliability and convenience you need to grow your business. And with the REAL REBATE® we can even save you up to 20% of your closing costs.

The Artesian difference

  • Communication

    From the kick-off call to our Peace of Mind Friday emails, we are all about making sure we call you before you have to call us. WE GOT THIS!

  • Reliability

    We have attorneys on our team that work on every single transaction.

  • Convenience

    We will send a Concierge Closer to you – anywhere, anytime – on closing day for no additional fee.

  • Grow Your Business

    We partner with our Realtors and truly care about helping them grow. We offer Masterkey Class events each month and invite a top-producer from another market in to share their keys to success.

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So what makes Artesian Title different from all the other Title Companies?
It’s easy for us to say that we’re an amazing Title Company, but it means more when other people say it for us. Check out our 100+ 5-Star Google Reviews!  Compare us with the other Title Companies’ reviews and the difference is obvious.  That said, the top 4 things that make us different are the following:

  1. Real Rebate – We are the only Title Company in Florida that offers the Real Rebate program, where we save you up to 20% of your title insurance closing costs.  
  1. Reliability – Our attorneys work on every single purchase/sale transaction.  Our team has also closed over 30,000 transactions.  
  1. Communication – Not only do we make sure we talk to you throughout the transaction but you also will have access to your own Closing Coordinator that you can contact at anytime.  And by anytime, you will also have their cell phone number.  No other Title Company in Florida does that.  Is this true??
  1. Convenience – Our biggest complainants we heard when we first started this company was that when it came to closing day, clients would have to leave their job or take a day off work, get caught in traffic, and come to an office between 9am – 5pm M-F to sign their documents.  What a pain! To find a solution to that issue, we have 3 options for you to sign your closing documents:
    1. Come in to close at one of our many offices throughout Florida. 
    2. We will send one of our Concierge Closers to you to anytime & anywhere for free.  And we mean an actual Closer, not just any person that randomly decided to get their notary license yesterday. Someone that actually explains every single page.  When we say anywhere, we don’t care if its your place of work Monday morning at 7am, or the golf course at 6pm on a Saturday. You name the time and place, and we will be there.  If you choose this option, know that it will not officially close till the next business day because of the time it takes to get the documents back and recorded.  This isn’t usually a big deal to most of our clients as long as they know this upfront and can plan.  
    3. Lastly, for some transactions, you can close online using video technology. We can confirm your ID, we can e-notarize, and you can e-sign your documents. 
Do your attorneys actually touch every file?
First of all, we don’t like calling them files.  It’s more personal to call them a purchase or a sale, and YES, they work on every single one of them. Most law firms have paralegals actually do the work, and the attorney just reviews.
Do your attorneys actually touch every file?
Yes, our CPA can assist.  We specialize in FIRPTA. FIRPTA applies when a foreign national is the Seller, and because they don’t pay and file an annual tax return, the IRS has the Title Company withhold 15% of the proceeds (not profit) and send it into them (for certain transactions that meet this requirement). They do this because the Seller may need to pay taxes on the profit and the IRS doesn’t know how much that will be. They require the Title Company to over-pay and then make you chase them down.  

We get our CPA team (Prithi Daswani, CPA) involved right from the beginning. If you Google them you will see they are not only highly rated, but they are also in the suite next to ours at our main headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  Because our CPA is involved, we don’t send the money to the IRS.  The reason sending the money out is an issue is because once the IRS has the money, it can take months to years to get it back. We would rather only send them what needs to be paid in taxes (if anything at all). Our CPA team does an amazing job of making sure this gets done.  Understand that you will have to pay for their service separately. They consult our clients for free, but to engage in them helping you pay potentially $0 in taxes, you will have to actually retain and hire them.

How do you help me grow my business?
This one is the easiest. First of all, our Founder Rick Nayar not only ran his own Real Estate Brokerage in Central Florida, but he also bought and sold about 1,200 homes for his investment fund back in 2012.  The point is, he’s a Real Estate Agent that has had success and believes in teaching others how to fish too.  Our philosophy starts there, and our “Relationship Managers” are big on guiding and coaching you on the latest and greatest processes and systems that we believe every Agent/Team/Brokerage needs to grow.  We also hold a monthly “MasterKey” event where we invite a top-producing agent from another market to Orlando to teach our clients how to grow their business.  
What does Florida law allow Title Companies to do for me, and what can’t you do for me?
Florida law as well as RESPA regulates the relationship between Title Companies and Real Estate brokers and agents.  We can’t bribe you or do anything that looks like an inducement to get you to use or promote Artesian Title.  Honestly, we have ZERO interest in doing this and you shouldn’t either.  We hear all day long about Title Companies paying Realtors for deals through money or gifts.  One day the State will catch up to those doing it and they will lose their license, pay a fine, or face possible jail time.  We have no interest in any of those things! Instead, we would rather teach you how to grow your business and share what we learn at the Real Estate conferences we attend to help you grow.  We can also do true Co-Marketing campaigns – meaning if it’s a postcard campaign, we will pay for the portion of the postcard we are actually on (usually less than 20%).  If we are promoting an Open House its because we will be there and we will be promoting our services to the consumers that attend. 
What’s an Open House on Steroids?
It’s how we think open houses should be run.  So what does this mean? Imagine 200 open house signs in a 2-mile radius all being used to point to the open house.  Yeah, its crazy and it’s a spectacle, but that’s what we want.  We average close to 60 families on average using this program.
What do you charge for closing costs?
There are really only two items a Title Company can control.  The first is the Settlement Fee, and the second is the Title Policy price.  The State of Florida dictates what the Title Policy fees will be (based on the purchase price of the property), and our Real Rebate Program actually gives your client a rebate on this fee (again, based on the purchase price).  EVERY other fee charged will be simply a pass-through fee to a third party. These fees are very similar and will be typical to all Title Companies. 

Just make sure the Title Company is not charging you for things like Fed-ex fee, Notary fee, E-Closing fee, Document Storage fee, etc…These need to all be included in the Settlement Fee.  If they are separate it’s actually in violation of a State of Florida guideline.  

Okay, now to our costs:

  1. Settlement Fee – We charge anywhere from $500 to $895 based on where you are in the State of Florida, and also based on if it’s a Cash or Mortgage (because more work is done) purchase. Our Settlement Fee includes ALL of our costs, so it’s variable and we are upfront about it.  We DO NOT charge you for extra things outside of this fee like mailing fees, notary fees, or other filler fees.    
  2. Title Insurance Policy Premium Fee – This fee is set by the State of FL and is the same for all Title Companies. It’s based on the purchase price of the property. 
What’s the Real Rebate?
It’s our way of giving money back to our consumers.  Rather than spend money marketing to Realtors and Lenders to get a referral, we decided to take that money and give it back to the consumer directly.   A landmark Florida Supreme Court case a few years ago paved the way for Title Companies to rebate back part of their earnings on an Insurance Policy to its clients. We decided to call this our Real Rebate, and we basically rebate back a portion of the Title Policy, based on the purchase price of the property. It’s as simple as that. Know that most Title Companies don’t do this, and most also don’t like that we do it. We encourage you to check out our 100+ 5-Star Google reviews before you decide who you use.  
Whats a Video Closing?
So this won’t be available to all, but if you’re buying a home or selling a home and it’s a cash transaction, as of Jan 1, 2020, it will be able to be done COMPLETELY online.  We will be able to use video software to confirm your identify and then simply review all the documents and e-notarize and e-sign.
Where can we close ?
  1. At our office, and we have locations all throughout Florida. 
  2. We can come to you to close anywhere & anytime for free.  
  3. We can close online if your transaction will allow for it. 

What makes us better?

Real Rebate®

Artesian Title doesn't have to share profits with referral services, so we pass savings to our clients with up to a 20% rebate from their closing costs. Cool huh?

Trusted. Experienced. Reliable.

We’ve helped over 30,000 Families Buy and Sell Homes, alongside our trusted partners.

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