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Peace of mind. It’s our Friday email update—Peace of Mind Fridays™. It’s also what we provide Realtors. Artesian is an Alta Best Practices Certified Company, which means we take care of everything. Our Concierge Closers handle your files from start to finish. We provide licensed attorneys at your disposal and for your convenience.

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Add it up. We provide immediate fund distribution. We give free quotes on title insurance and closings so you know how much your client’s paying and exactly what they’re paying for. Plus, we can guarantee up to 20% off your client’s title policy through our Real Rebate™ Program!

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Peace of Mind Fridays™

Wonder what they’re doing back at that title company?…Wonder what the status is of your transaction?…Wonder how close we are to getting ready for closing?…Peace of Mind Fridays™ is a weekly reminder that Artesian Title is not like any other title company. Every Friday we email file updates to every party involved in the transaction that answer those questions and more. We call it “Peace of Mind Fridays™” because that’s its purpose—promote transparency and keep communication open to prove we’re doing everything in our power to get the job done fast, right, and in everyone’s best interest.

Artesian Agent Closes It

Go mobile and start the process right now with the Artesian Agent App, an award-winning free mobile app developed by real estate closing experts. It instantly calculates closing disclosure reports and shows exactly how much money is needed at closing. No calls, no website visits—just type in the information and let the app do the math. Results from the Artesian Agent App can be emailed, saved or shared, and all reports are customizable so you can make line edits and see how it affects your bottom line.

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