The 10 Greatest Characteristics of Top Realtors

It’s no secret that the real estate industry is a tough one. Real estate agents are constantly competing, negotiating, watching deals soar or watching deals fall through, holding their patience and always staying positive around their clients. It really takes a certain type of individual to be in real estate. But what does it take to be successful and a top realtor in the industry? There’s a big difference.  

 After some research, we’ve come up with 10 of the greatest characteristics of top realtors. Below, we’ll list the most important characteristics you’ll need to make it as the next top real estate agent in your market.  

1. Drive and Determination 

There is no doubt that being a realtor comes with a lot of work, but it is your choice if you choose to work hard at it or let your career flop. Your drive and determination are what will get you through every work day, every client, every sale and every contract.  

A typical day for a realtor can include home showings, meeting buyers, negotiating, writing contracts, attending meetings, the list could really go on forever. A day in the life of a realtor is quite exhausting, yet, it can be extremely rewarding with drive and determination. “Your clients will note your energy and drive, just as they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm for the business,” says the writers at Real Estate Express Blog.  

2. The Ability to Negotiate 

A big part of the job is the ability to negotiate, professionally. “After a few years in real estate, you’ll probably be able to teach a class on negotiation skills at the local community college. That’s how good you’ll need to be,” says Jacqueline Kyo Thomas with Freedom Trail Realty School Inc.  

Negotiation typically comes when you are dealing with the listing or selling price and your commission. Once you become a real estate agent you will need to focus on negotiating right away, especially on your commission. If you can master that, you’ve got the rest.  

3. A Charming Personality 

One of the top characteristics of being a great realtor is a charming personality. As a realtor your personality needs to be pleasurable to be around no matter who you are dealing with that day. Clients are looking for a realtor who they feel comfortable with. Someone who they can trust every step of the way.  A personality that works for one client may not work for another, which is something you will run into here and there. But in general it’s important to be friendly, charming, and assertive.  

4. Aggressive, but Polite 

Some of the best realtors know how to use both of these characteristics at once, at that is key. We believe the most successful realtors are  not afraid to speak up or stand up for what they believe is right in a deal.  He or she should be just as invested in the seller’s home as if it were their own.  If it were your own home on the market wouldn’t you want to do anything and everything you could to get it sold? It’s important to be aggressive in this industry, but to always be polite while doing so.  

5. A Winning Look 

Thanks to Jacqueline Kyo Thomas with Freedom Trail Realty School Inc., she reminded us of this quote by Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice the person.” 

When it comes to being a realtor your not only selling your homes or properties but you are also selling yourself. Sellers have worked hard to prepare their homes for showing. They want, and need, a realtor that puts their best foot forward. It’s important to have a great impression in every way, this includes your self care and your style. Think about it, have you ever seen a top realtor with a bad look or style? We haven’t. It’s just something that comes along with the job! 

6. A Good Amount of Patience  

As we said, a good amount of work tasks and dealing with many different people comes with this job. Sometimes, things just aren’t going to be as easy as they may seem. In fact, you may spend months trying to get a deal to go through, or months trying to find your clients their forever home. It’s important to remember to stay patient. Every top realtor has a good amount of patience, probably some that could last them a lifetime.  

7. Stay Positive and Stay Focused 

This job will bring many twists and turns, and most of the time it will always be unexpected. So, it’s important to stay positive and stay focused. Do not let negativity bring you down. Mike Ferry reminds us not to sweat the small stuff. In an article he published he says, “Somebody said one time you know, what is the big stuff in life? Birth and death. What’s in between? The small stuff. People that make a lot of money don’t sweat those little details. They’re focused of course and getting the details done, making sure they track their numbers, on learning what to say.”  

He’s right. Top realtors do not let the little things bother them. They stay positive and they stay focused on the bigger picture.  

8. The Ability to Accept Failure 

According to The Close, there was one skill in 2018 that most management consultants, TED speakers, psychologists, and best selling authors all agree is primary to success in any sales job. The ability to bounce back after failure. What many realtors do not realize is that this one characteristic can change everything about their success.  

Barbara Corcoran once said, “Handling rejection is 90 percent of what sales is all about, and the better you are about getting up quickly and not spending too much time feeling sorry for yourself, that’s what determines who are the superstars.”  So if a deal doesn’t go through, or if you get rejected by a big client, shake it off for a day and then get back to it.  

9. Tech Savvy 

This should almost be a given since much of the work that goes into this job involves a computer or the Internet. If you do not know your way around a computer or the Internet, teach yourself. Otherwise, you will be overlooked by the competition who does.

10. Hard working for Yourself and Clients 

Every sale or deal should be the most important one of your life. A top realtor will act this way with the smallest deals and the biggest deals. It’s important that your clients know that you are working hard for them! Your clients should always come first and that should be known to them right off the bat.   

Now, how are you going to learn these characteristics so you can become a top realtor? First off, don’t panic. They certainly won’t come over night. In fact, you’ll have to fail to succeed, and teach yourself a great deal along the way. But as we said, after some practice and if you stay persistent you will master these great characteristics in no time.