How to Use a DISC Profile Test to Grow your Real Estate Team

How to Use a DISC Profile Test to Grow your Real Estate Team 

The people you work with are an essential part of successful business management in any industry, but it can be difficult to find the right people for the job. Increasingly, business owners and employers are turning to psychology for answers about who would best fit their company. The idea behind this method is that different personality types are better suited for different types of jobs. I like the DiSC Profile test because it’s easy to use and it’s free. I’ve used it to hire over 1,000 people in my career and find it’s almost more important than a resume to determine whether or not someone is suited for a job.  

What is the DISC Profile Test? 

The name of the test correlates to the major aspects of a person’s character. The letters in the name stand for the characteristics of dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness. Different jobs lend themselves to individuals with certain combinations of these attributes. Test results give you a rating between zero and ninety-nine for each of the four traits. A high reading, or a score above sixty, in a trait means that you are more likely to embody the characteristics associated with those characteristics. CEOs and other large company leaders, for example, are often DC people, which means that they are dominant, but also conscientious. Such individuals tend to be detail-oriented, good with finances, and extremely driven with a process in place to achieve their goals.   

The attributes measured by a DiSC profile test tend to be inherent, and are difficult to change. I believe that understanding the types of people best suited to different jobs is an important part of business management. People are generally born detail-oriented, and though interpersonal skills can be learned, they will always be better handled by people born with a tendency towards being social. Each job lends itself best to a certain DiSC profile. Here are a few examples of real estate-related jobs and the profiles that best suit them. 

Inside Sales Agent 

My favorite profile for this is a DC.  Someone who is naturally driven and extremely detail-oriented can be an essential addition to your sales process.  They usually have no problem going through a list of people they have to call, taking notes on each, and crossing off one person at a time as they go through the list. You also want someone that won’t spend too much time on a conversation going nowhere.   


My ideal admin has a high S and C. I’m looking for someone who is patient and also detail-oriented, who is going to execute tasks here and not question them.  Hence the reason for a low D and I. It is helpful to have someone that won’t take longer on the phone than need be. 

Buyers Agent 

I’m looking for someone with a high D and I. Someone who is the life of the party and talks to everyone in the room. These individuals are great in conversation and at the same time want more, they are naturally driven and can be a great asset for increased lead generation. 

Listing Agent 

I’m looking for someone here that is High D and HIgh C.  Once again a naturally driven person that also has details to their personality. 

Even if you don’t match personality types with the jobs you want to hire for, having potential employees take a DiSC profile test can give you great insight into the type of worker they will be, and where their natural strengths and weaknesses are. A few minute personality tests could save you hours of time hiring and rehiring people who may or may not be right for the job.