An Ode to Publix

Though some may boast of wealth and kings
Of coffee shops and winning rings
While other states have mountains high
Or valleys long and cornfields wide
Florida has an ocean view
Of endless outdoor things to do
With waves to surf and sand and sun
Disney, also, can be fun 

But if you ask the people here
Where most they spend their time each year
You might be shocked by their reply
Oft overlooked by passerby,
An unassuming storefront reigns
Its sweet tea rushes through our veins
For Florida’s heart is truly fixed
On a place we like to call Publix 

They’ve healthy snacks and party grub
And of course, the quintessential sub
The chicken tender can’t be beat
With crispy skin and tasty meat
The bread is soft and rich and fresh
Flavors combined in perfect mesh 

Have a question? Don’t be scared
Customer service is sacred there
The pristine shelves are stocked with treats
And BOGO deals good enough to eat  

With cakes and cookies so divine 
That even I can’t find a rhyme 
to do them justice, try and see!
But don’t come crawling back to me 
When you consume a box or two 
(It’s something that we’ve all been through) 

So when you come to see the sea
Stop and buy some groceries
At Publix, shopping is a pleasure
An experience that’s beyond measure