5 Hacks to Grow from a $3 Million Dollar Agent to a $10 Million Dollar Agent

Growth in every and any aspect of our lives eventually becomes stagnant. The true potential of your success is only limited by what you believe your full potential to be. You can be a successful real estate agent with steady earnings, but if you want to take your agency to the next level, follow the tips below.  

Be Continuously Learning 

Learn and understand as much as possible about everything and anything related to your business. Read some books by successful real estate agents, watch Youtube videos, talk to people with more experience than you, grow your network, and learn your local market. Do whatever it takes to expand your knowledge (and consequently, your power).  

Time Blocking  

Your time is your most valuable asset, and the one thing that you can never get back once it’s gone, so use it well. Time blocking can be an extremely valuable skill for good business management, because it maximizes your productivity in the time you do have. For example, schedule a specific time of day during which you answer all emails, or schedule all meetings in the mornings. It is also beneficial to build in a block of time that serves as makeup time.  

Know When to Say No 

Understand how to say no and also when to say no. This is one of the hardest theories to put into practice, because at times it can feel like you might be missing an opportunity if you say no. However, it’s important to remember that saying no to something that might be time consuming or not beneficial opens up room for new and better opportunities.  


You need to learn to prioritize and learn to delegate in order to reach the next level of success. Reaching the next level does not always mean doing more work. Think about your goals and try to find ways to achieve them specifically instead of trying to do everything and be everywhere at once. Focus on building client relationships, improving your marketing strategies, and improving the quality of your work. Visualize your success and do whatever it takes to achieve that success.  

Divide and Conquer 

Never underestimate the power of differentiation. It is much easier to effectively market to a small group of similar people than to everyone at once. Divide your marketing strategies, maybe even let technology do some of your work by making separate social media accounts that specifically cater to different markets, doing so will double your chances to increase your numbers.